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Sakais and Camping


When I was a young child, some of my most fond memories are of times whenever my family and I were camping. We lived in a rather cold area of the United States, but there were some warmer times in the summer that we were able to get out and enjoy some time together at a campground. The type of camping that we did may be a little bit less rustic than what many people were accustomed to as we did have a camper instead of a tent. It was still quite an experience, and I remember very well sitting around the campfire and enjoying time with my family.

As I grew older, my enjoyment of camping began to wane a little bit. Although my family still went camping on a regular basis, it was not quite the same as it was whenever I was younger. For the most part, I wanted to get out with my friends and enjoy a little bit of time on the weekends. The last thing that I really wanted to do was to spend the entire weekend "trapped" with my parents at some godforsaken campground out in the middle of nowhere. Keep in mind, this was before cellular telephones or any other way of communicating outside of using a regular telephone, which was pretty much out of the question at one of these campgrounds.

Eventually, I grew up and began some family traditions of my own. As I got a little bit older, I began to appreciate a little bit more, some of the things that my parents did for me whenever I was younger. One of the things that I appreciated the most is that they gave up their own time in order to get out and away from the hustle and bustle of life and to enjoy some time alone at the campground. I decided that I would start this tradition for my own family, and it seemed to work out very well whenever my children were younger.

At first, everything seemed to be fantastic but eventually, my love for camping began to wane once again. This was not because I was away from everything that made my life what it was, in fact I really enjoyed being away from that. The problem was, living a rustic life on the weekends was somewhat of a hassle, and we had to live without a lot of the modern conveniences that we had come to depend on.

Now, my children are grown and I once again look back fondly on the memories that I have camping with them. It seems that throughout my entire life, I went through cycles of times whenever I loved being outdoors at the campground and at other times whenever I would've rather been at home or at least had access to some of the more modern conveniences that were available. All in all, I would say that I really love the fact that I spent the majority of my life campaign in the warmer months. Although there were times whenever I did not enjoy it, those times seem to be few and far between in retrospect.

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